A Twist of Life

Avyanna Wolfe is a talented, differently abled person, who suffers from low self- esteem and because of that she tolerates Mercy’s abuse. However, she does not let her unhappy experiences eclipse her love for drawing with her feet. Through, Andrew Knight’s encouraging Avyanna finds the strength to stand up for herself. After a nerve recking ordeal and with the help of the prostitute Brie, Avyanna finally takes the step to break free from her mental jail and embrace whatever help Andrew wants to give her. She leaves Mercy’s house to begin a new life. A Twist of Life is a story which shows that regardless of your circumstances, with perseverance, and belief in yourself you can achieve anything you put your mind to. A Twist of Life also highlights how people can limit themselves from being happy because of a low self-esteem.

You can see the short on-demand under the movies category on the global television www.irietimestv.com you can also download the irietimestv app.

The talented actress Natalie Whittle plays the role of the villain Mercy. You can check her out on Instagram as natwhitt and use the same handle to find her on twitter, to see what more this talented young woman has to offer.

Chloe Paige Flowers, is the awesome actress that plays the role as Brie. You can find Chloe on Instagram @paiging_chloe and check out what other awesome projects this actress has been involved in.

The talented, experienced actor and comedianne Gerry Bednob plays the role of Andrew in the film. To see more of Gerry’s extensive career and what he is involved in now please visit his website at gerrybednob.net

Directed by Shashank Varma, the award winning film,  A Twist of Life was the official selection of the following festivals: Indie Night Film Festival, which is supported by Emmy Award winner Robi Reed, Equality International Film Festival, Metro Film & TV Awards and Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival.


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