Like A Dog With A Bone, A Visual Guide to surviving in the entertainment industry

“Like A Dog With A Bone, A Visual Guide to Surviving in the entertainment industry. ” Is inspired by Gina Parris’ homeless experience while in USA.  After she left stability in her country, moved to USA, and after graduating with two masters degrees, and acting at a national level in her country; she finds herself ashamed to tell her family she was living in her car, during one of the coldest months of the year in Los Angeles CA. However, that did not stop her from following her dreams. The docuseries Like A Dog With A Bone, is her  way of turning lemons into lemonade, and also it’s one of the methods she chose to help others who are pursuing an entertainment career. The entire main cast  hit rock bottom at some point and are striving to excel in their careers. The main cast come from Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and United States of America (USA). Main cast: Freddie Basnight (USA) , Ayanna Cezanne (T&T) , Byron Knight (USA), Taromi Lourdes (T&T),
Demyra Ravyne Payne (USA),  Errol Fabien (T&T),  Gina Parris (T&T) .

Established, and experienced individuals featured in the docuseries, sharing their wisdom from Trinidad and Tobago and USA: Lisa Wickham (T&T), Marla Gibbs (USA), Simon Baptiste (T&T), Angela Gibbs (USA), Franco Sama (USA), Nikki Crosby (T&T), Rafael Noble(USA), Penelope Spencer (T&T), Gerry Bednob (T&T) @bednob, Joy Ellison (USA) and Kevin John Goff (USA), the great-grand nephew of the 1st black person to win an Oscar Hattie McDaniel @officialhattiemcdaniel. Mr. Goff will give info about his aunt that can help others.

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